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  52 Traces of Me



In observation of my 52nd life cycle, solar return & Irthday (Earthday/Birthday), I decided to focus on the importance of acknowledging the traces in my life journey. These "traces" by definition are an indication, confirmation, and verification of existence. There are times in life when you question some of the meaning, significance, validity, or reality of your journey as you march down memory lane. When you take a deeper look, you discover that these traces make up the pieces of who you are in this earth walk and provides clearer insight into your manifested existence. You begin to discover that every journey is unique and special. There has not been nor will there ever be another you as you exist now.

Peering over our experiences can take place at any stage in life. The questions some may ask is, "Why highlight this at 52? Are you going through a midlife crisis?" I'll answer the last question 1st (said in my interviewee's voice). I don't know if there is any such thing as a midlife crisis. I do know that I have no desire to purchase a red sports car and zoom down the highway with a blonde. I'm good. Yes, sometimes we look back over parts of our life with disappointment and are anxious about the future. I do not necessarily call that a midlife crisis. Those symptoms are not restricted to ages 45-64 and no one knows when the middle of of life is because you don't know when you are leaving. Now let me answer the 1st question (Beginning to feel presidential :-)

It was revealed to me that 52 is a significant milestone number that is often overlooked. There are 52 playing cards in a standard deck. Cards are very much tied to life cycles. There are 52 white keys on a standard piano. The Haab in ancient American calendar system represents a 52-year cycle. We have 52 weeks in our yearly calendar. It is clear that 52 is important in timekeeping, music, and the game of life. 52 represents the end of one cycle as another begins.

In thinking about the traces of me in these 52 years. I consider myself to be quite fortunate. To be a man of hue at 52 is indeed a treasure.  The traces of my life have imprints in Egypt, Mexico, India, Amsterdam, The Bahamas, and Canada. Traces exist in Holistic Health, Indigenous/World history, Spiritual Consciousness, Ancient Sciences, and Personal Growth. These traces of me have been visible in Churches, Temples, Mosques, and Ceremonies where Sacredness is honored. There are traces on basketball courts, clubs, corners, & places many never even knew existed. I have been in the company of, trained with, & consulted some of the wisest, brightest, revolutionary, Spiritual, authentic, and cherished people this world will ever know. I am a trace of the Ancestral Wisdom, Energy, Flavor, & Flow expressed from The One Source that is identified as God.

You are a unique trace also. May my traces inspire you to rediscover your own.

Thank you to my family, friends, & you for allowing me to be a trace in your space.

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