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I trust that this writing finds you in the best possible state of wellness even in the midst of these challenging times. We are witnessing a change in what we have identified as reality. Jobs, careers, sporting events, aspects of government, stores, & entertainments are all shut down. Almost every distraction that we have surrendered to has been brought to a halt. The questions that naturally emerges are:

1) What do we do right now?

2) What is next after this?

In order to determine what we need to do now, we have to look at what has brought us to the current state of affairs we find ourselves in. We have essentially been living a lie. A false reality. We have been inauthentic with ourselves and those around us. We have cocooned ourselves with comfort foods, clothing, jobs, entertainment, religion and anything that distracted us from focusing on our true self. We have masked ourselves in cosmetics and delighted ourselves in false presentations to keep our minds off of the reality of who we are. We have accepted the leadership of hollywood, entertainers, and politicians. We have modeled every aspect of our lives on after these entities. That is truly what we trust in, where our faith lies, and is the foundation of our belief system. Now that the elephant in the room has been identified, let's answer the real questions you want to ask. When is this going to be over so I can get back to business as usual? When am I going to be able to insulate myself in my distractions again? How long before I can get back to my illusion? Here is the answer. Things will never be the same again. We have got to make major changes or we will simply cease to exist. It has happened before and we are on the same track for a repeat. 

We are experiencing the results of plans that have been decades in the making. Nano technology, 5g technology, genetic attacks, economic crises, and mass corruption highlights the chaos of the day. The world is now consumed with the presence of what is called the coronavirus. Those that know me know that i have spent considerable time over the last 30 years studying the origin, anagrams, & true meaning of words. The word coronavirus is also an anagram for carnivorous which means flesh-eating. In other words, it thrives by using your body as food. Are you awake yet? I am clearly talking about more than a coronavirus. All of the ills, distractions, and corruption of this world utilizes our bodies as a host until we are consumed or until we say enough is enough. We have been dealing with a virus produced by a virus for a very long time. The creation of this coronavirus gives us a vivid example of what we are up against. So what now?

Now is the time for a call to action.

1) Build your immune system.

The ways to build your physical immune system have been mentioned many times. Remedies for combating the coronavirus are also readily available. However, did you know you have a spiritual immune system that requires attention? On short, you keep that strong by being true to self, living in authenticity (being real), focused prayer & meditation. This is the armor that will assist you in standing during these times.

2) Chose this day whom you will serve.

You can continue to give your power to this world that is on the way out or you can lend your power to the emergence of a true reality that comes through you. It comes into being by you acknowledging who you are, in whom you are, & embodying the best expression of that. Your choice will determine how you experience life from this point on.

So what's next?

Next is the good news, the inspiration, & the healing. There is nothing now nor will there ever be a weapon formed that can ultimately defeat us. We were here before the beginning and will be help after the end. Stand in that knowing. Take the time to heal yourself. When you see external world shut down, that is an indication to search yourself internally. Take stock of what is happening within you. Heed the messages & guidance that come to you from within. Live in your true uncompromisingly and shine brightly. You have a force of protection within you. Lean into that power for it will certainly serve you well. Keep your spirits high. Do not give the negative viruses anything to feed on. Enjoy daily sunshine, drink hot tea daily, and get plenty of exercise. Move forward and do not try to recreate that illusionary life of materialism that existed before the shutdown. Move forward in the creation of an existence that works for you and not those who have fed off you. "Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see", in the words of Edgar Allan Poe. Prove all things and only move according to your knowing. Although it will be challenging, remain focused on what really matters. Affirm that you are well & protected. They key is, it is not about what any politician or group is doing. It is all about what you do Now! You know how to reach me.



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