MoundBuilding Wealth


"You are your greatest wealth. Invest heavily in the commodity of you." 

- The Moundbuilder

"The Very best thing you can do for the Whole World is to make the Most of yourself."

-Wallace D. Wattles



 Manifesting Wealth Consciousness






Key Wealth Quotes


"You can choose your own self image.  You can choose to see yourself rich or see yourself poor, & what you see is what you get." - Rev Ike


"To become really rich is the noblest aim you can have in life, for it includes everything else." -The Science of Getting Rich


"Investing in Yourself produces your greatest wealth.  All wealth & resources will gladly manifest to a Masterfully developed being" 
-The MoundBuilder













Inner Wealth is the source of all wealth and it exist inside of you. You have been gifted with talents, experience, and abilities that are unique.Taking the time to cultivate and develop these skills determines your ability to experience life's best results. The  commitment to bringing forth your greatest Inner Wealth helps determine the amount of external wealth you possess.

It is all about You. The Real You. Its not the possessions or external things that are the real value. You determine the real value of everything around you.

 Be diligent in mining the very best out of yourself. Fully develop and express your talents in the most masterful way. This is where your true treasure lies.